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False Prophet is the working title for my upcoming CD. I'm giving new light to some older pieces that never got recorded, or need to be revisited, while breathing life into new compositions. Keep checking in to see how it's going. 

Bicycle Day!
Peter Almeida will be playing shows with Bryan Reed in the new year.

When two multi-instrumentalists songwriters pair up, there will be variety.  Peter keeps time on his modified percussion trap while playing bass or guitar. Bryan will be switching between violin, mandolin, guitar and bass, and periodic harmonica.  The two friends have been playing casually together for years, but only recently started to work out material to share in public.  These two bike commuters call this arrangement "Bicycle Day".

Be Watching for New Songs 23.8.2023

The Dungeon is the new studio MISsING MAsS has set up in Eugene. New material and new recording of favorites will be showing up on this page from time to time. Come back and check for progress.

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