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"An Analysis of His Majesty's Wardrobe" is a playful review of the tragic presidency of Donald J. Trump, based on Hans Christian Anderson's "The Emperor's New Clothes". This short "report" was written, preformed, populated, and produced by Peter Almeida for Thankful, A Virtual Concert by EGMC. With the exception of two whimsical tremolo guitar parts contributed by Alan Patten, Peter provides all instrumentation and vocals. Artwork and animation were assembled during the summer of 2020 during the COVID-19 isolation in Peter's socially distanced "Dungeon" somewhere under Eugene, Oregon.


This little song plays with the size of it all. Small are getting big, the big are getting bigger.




       tHe gAmE

Originally composed on piano, tHe gAmE was finished in April of 2016, after playing with it for a couple years, but this video was made March 2018. In writing it, I had no idea what the song was really about. The only words that I could rely on were "Play the game," suggested by the playful quality in the composition. I was unable to complete the picture until the line in the second verse showed up: "Just when we though that it was safe to start playing, the clowns arrived and changed the game."  Then, in less than a day, all the pieces came together, and tHe gAmE was finished. 


This video of ONE was made the day I finished writing it. It is a meditation on the perfect number that came together in a day.


Blindness was written in the months following the Shandy Hook Elementary School shooting in 2012. I felt compelled to make this video six years later, after the mass shooting in the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School that took another 17 lives. How many more must die?

             fAt MaN

While in the midst of the craziness of the Donald, I had to have a little fun with this one. I didn't have a title when I first posted this on FaceBook, so I asked for suggestions. Ultimately, "Fat Man" stuck. So in the name of "We the People" here is an unflattering contemporary portrait of the conman-in-chief.

        OnCE wE MoVE oN

This breakup song is not the happiest song I've composed, however, it does end on an optimistic note about moving on.


                              Here's a little mischief for the holidays.

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